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Camberwell Garden
The brief:
The client wanted to grow vegetables and pick flowers for the house. The lawn needed to be retained and we decided early on that the majority of the budget should be spent on plants rather than changing the terrace and paths that were already in place. Improving the amount of sunshine that the garden received was a priority. The planting style was a subject of great debate. The client loved sedate formal gardens but also thought that the ostentatious style of the Victorian approach to bedding was fantastic. A love of English cottage garden was also thrown into the mix. It was also requested that the garden be low maintenance as two children and being a director of a company meant that there was little time for gardening!

Wanstead Garden
The brief:
The clients wanted a space that would allow them to easily entertain and an increased sense of privacy and enclosure was required. There are two large dogs in the home and I was asked to remove the lawn. Planting was to include an herb garden and ornamental planting that was evocative of a recent trip to Morocco with a desire for many shades of red pink and white...

Streatham Garden
The brief:
The clients wanted a neat and tidy front garden and to be rid of the lawn. The hedge was to be retained and access was required for a new bin store. A large storage unit was also required. Materials had to be complimentary to the building and a geometric style was preferred. Unfortunately there was not enough in the budget available to restore the original path, which would have been both the client's and my preference.

Leyton Garden
The brief:
The clients were very specific about their needs. Keen environmentalists, I was told that all materials in the garden had to be reused, as they were not comfortable with dumping all the concrete in landfill. There was to be a large area of garden allocated to fruit and vegetable production and a good-sized lawn for their young son to be able to play on. Recycled materials were to be used where possible and no in organic chemicals were allowed. A large Eco studio was to be erected at the back of the garden, which would hide the ugly breezeblock wall. I just needed to be aware of the footprint of the studio to incorporate access. Their builders were also resurfacing the terrace, leading from the house. I needed to ensure a seamless link between their work and mine.

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