My Environmental Considerations
Nowadays there is a real need for environmental awareness and action. The following are just a few examples of how I try to ensure a healthy attitude to the environment wherever possible.

Timber decking is ethically sourced from sustainable supplies.

Sandstone and paving products are sourced from suppliers who belong to the Ethical Trading Initiative. Or from suppliers who have a committed environmental policy

All paints used omit low volatile organic compounds

Wherever possible, uniquely sourced recycled materials are utilised, from vintage containers to reclaimed woods and stones.

Healthy trees are never removed from a site (unless causing structural damage). Though tree surgery may be implemented to raise the crown or reduce the canopy.

Materials that are hand made and locally sourced are used as often as possible to reduce the impact of haulage.

I do not drive. There are enough vehicles on the road already. All products are delivered by the companies and I rely on public transport to reach clients.
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