Archive - Wanstead Garden
The Old Garden:

The garden is attached to a large Victorian building that has been converted into 4 flats. There are actually 4 gardens occupying the site and the garden I have designed is surrounded by the other 3 gardens. Access is from a flight of wrought iron stairs form the client's home that leads onto a small wooden deck. The garden is overlooked by neighbours within the conversion and next-door.

The Brief:

The clients wanted a space that would allow them to easily entertain and an increased sense of privacy and enclosure was required. There are two large dogs in the home and I was asked to remove the lawn. Planting was to include an herb garden and ornamental planting that was evocative of a recent trip to Morocco with a desire for many shades of red pink and white...

The New Garden:

Decking was used to provide a raised space to entertain friends. The old original deck was pressure washed and a large new deck was built, bridged by a walkway. Two raised beds were built, flanking the bridge, to protect the herbs and ornamental perennials form being trampled on by the dogs. 3 borders at ground level were created. These new borders were designed to allow climbers to be planted to cover the fences that we were unable to remove. It was also felt that planting climbers would help separate the other gardens and increase a sense of privacy and enclosure. A mulch of stone aggregate, a complimentary colour to the stock brick of the house was used to cover the ground.

The planting is to include two hedges of roses, jasmine and trachelospermum to cover the fences and perennials included lush pink anemones white hellebores and ephemeral grasses. Crocus is planted to kick off the bulb season. Almost black tulips compliment white and pink ones and are followed by white and pale purple alliums.

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